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Prescription Discount Plan

Prescription drugs are one of the fastest-rising costs in healthcare today, but at the same time are important parts of any therapy. The better we can work together to help you keep the cost of medications down, the lower your costs will be and the easier it will be for you to become and stay healthy.

Pharmacies participating in this program, locally and nationally, provide you with one of the best benefits available today. You can feel good using your prescription drug card knowing you are obtaining the best prescription prices in the market place; and, at the same time, have peace of mind knowing that you don't have to shop all over town to find a good price.

Prescription Savings Benefit
Discounts on prescription drugs at participating pharmacies are provided as part of your membership and are ready to use now!

  • Average savings of 10% to 50% off the standard cash price of prescriptions. !
  • 90 day supply may be filled at selected locations!
  • Discounts on both generic and name brands drugs!
  • Use as often as you like to purchase prescriptions !

The Prescription Savings Benefit offers you access to pre-negotiated pricing at participating pharmacies that are linked via computer.

Each of the participating pharmacies has agreed to offer a discount off of the industry recognized average wholesale price. This is the same type of special pricing offered to large insurance companies. The pharmacies have also agreed to compare this special price to their lowest price and give our members the lowest price available. On average our members save approximately $5.50 per prescription and our negotiated price is lower than the store's lowest price on average over 87% of the time.

Simply present your membership card and you are guaranteed to receive the lowest price available at that pharmacy.

Because of the way the price is calculated, the only way to obtain a price quote is to visit your pharmacy with your card and prescription. But be assured that you will always obtain the best price.

Your Card Saves You Money
Knowing that many of our members must purchase at least two or three prescriptions per month, we are pleased to provide you with this no cost opportunity to save money. Present your card with every prescription to obtain the guaranteed lowest prices.

Best Price Guarantee
Your card guarantees you the lowest price possible on every drug you purchase. If a brand name or generic drug is available through your participating pharmacy at a lower price than the negotiated price, you will always pay the lower of the two prices.

Additional Savings
If generic drugs are an option for you (ask your pharmacist or doctor), your savings with the card may be even greater.

Valid At Thousands Of Locations
You can access over 55,000 locations in every area of the U.S.

How to use the card
STEP 1 - Select a pharmacy.

STEP 2 - Have your doctor call your prescription into any participating pharmacy, or simply present your prescription to any participating pharmacy.

STEP 3 - Give your card to the pharmacist. The pharmacy will verify your eligibility and obtain the discounted cost of your prescription within seconds. Pay only the special price.

This program is NOT insurance. It is a discount program. You are responsible for the full cost of any health care services purchased. You will receive discounts for medical services at certain health care providers who have contracted with the program. Members have the right to cancel registration within a thirty-day period. This program does not make payments directly to health care providers. A list of all program providers within the prospective cardholder’s service area which includes their name, city & state, and medical specialty is available prior to purchase, upon request. Discounts for hospital services are not available. This program is administered by Access One Consumer Health, your Discount Medical Plan Organization, 84 Villa Rd. Greenville, SC 29615 The program and its administrators have no liability for providing or guaranteeing service or the quality of service rendered. Not available in AK, CT, MT, RI, VT & WA.

For more information, call 1-800-841-6238

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